Dragon King Fish Shooting – Top 5 Top Prize Hunting Games Today

Shooting dragon king fish is considered the priority choice of many players in the betting market today. This game is released from a famous company and possesses many quality service utilities compared to many other names. Therefore, to participate in entertainment at this quality playground, come along dealer jun88 Find out the following information.

What is dragon king fish shooting?

As you know, the fish hunting market has been very developed with the birth of a series of famous prize hunting games. Among them, dragon king fish shooting is the game that most people choose to participate in at the present time. This game was launched in 2019 and since then has expanded its membership community many times. This game is designed into many versions with different names.

Currently, this fish hunting game is supporting languages ​​and is available in 6 countries across Asia. The game is released from Yuegame, a famous entertainment corporation in the Chinese gaming industry. With the desire to bring this reward hunting brand to more players, the publisher has integrated many unique features here.

Compared to shooting dragon king fish, the remaining two versions, My Nhan Ngu and Hai Long Vuong, are not too attractive to players. The entertainment portal of this game is designed and invested very meticulously with every realistic detail. Here, it simulates the marine environment with eye-catching colors and produces a super quality biological system. If you are looking for a reward hunting fishery that offers many entertaining features, this dragon king fish hunting game is the right choice.

Outstanding features that create success in shooting dragon king fish

The fish shooting game market has become a place of fierce competition as many different versions are introduced to the market every day. That’s why the game publisher has had to continuously upgrade and improve the system to serve the needs of players. Next, let’s explore the advantages that shooting dragon king fish currently has in the system.

Multi-language support

The system of this bounty game currently supports users in 6 different languages. This also corresponds to the fact that there are currently 6 versions of Dragon King Fish Hunting released in 6 countries in Asia. Therefore, if you want to participate, players just need to change their language settings for convenient entertainment. Thanks to that, the game’s brand is also more widely known.

Fast reward redemption speed in dragon king fish shooting

When participating in this game, reward activities are always a priority for everyone to learn about. There are many different payment methods supported here, so you can freely choose. The payment technology for transactions here is modern and is regularly improved. Therefore, transaction processing speed is very fast, only taking a few minutes.
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The system issues a variety of incentives

In addition to the utilities included in the system, now when participating in shooting dragon king fish, you can also receive great incentives. This is a reward from promotions issued by the game to thank players. The tasks and activities that need to be performed are also quite familiar such as registering/logging in, depositing/withdrawing money, and refunding bets so players can easily receive rewards. The value of the bonus levels from promotions is very attractive.

Dragon King Fish Shooting launches many more special features

The great advantage and choice of many players of this game is thanks to the series of special features available in the system. These are all equipment designed to increase the excitement of hunting rewards for players. Next, let’s explore what special features have been added to this dragon king fish shooting game:

  • Lucky fish feature: These fish usually contain x2, x3, x4,… up to x10 bonus in the game. That’s why they are called lucky fish because when you shoot them, they will help you earn a lot of bonuses.
  • King fish feature: The king fish in the game are the symbols of this prize hunting game. Their value is set as the highest in the game system. So when participating, you need to pay attention and defeat them as soon as you see them to get a big reward in your pocket.
  • Time bomb: This very new feature is specifically designed for shooting dragon king fish that deals large area damage. When launched, this bomb will not explode immediately but will only explode after a certain golden time. Therefore, you can take advantage of the settings and continue hunting fish with the gun until the prey rushes into the trap.
  • Octopus bomb: When using octopus bombs, their blinding effect will cause the fish in the screen to stand still and now you just need to shoot down these creatures.

Dedicated customer service staff

In addition to the above features, the system of this prize hunting game has now designed many forms of contact for players. The care staff on duty at this department are always ready to answer any game-related questions for you. The staff working in this department have all been trained with full knowledge and experience, so you can contact us with confidence.

Summary of effective tips for playing dragon king fish shooting

It can be seen that this prize hunting game possesses many modern advantages, opening up an impressive entertainment space for participants. However, even though the playing method is simple, you still need to supplement yourself with good bonus hunting tips to achieve the best results. Next, let’s look at the news section Jun88 Discover a few tips for playing dragon king fish effectively.

Target locking tips

This is one of the classic features available in the game’s system from its launch until now. Although this function is not new, when you know how to take advantage of it, you will achieve clear results in your reward hunting process. Once you have identified the target you need to take down, quickly press this function and shoot at them so you don’t miss them.

Do not use the automatic feature when shooting dragon king fish

The automatic feature is also one of the support equipment designed in the game system. When using it, your hunting performance will be significantly reduced because the machine will automatically shoot without distinguishing the target on the screen. Therefore, stop using this function and focus on hunting with your own hands for better results.

Tips for hunting fish when they first appear

New fish coming out of the screen are always the easiest to kill. Besides, the vision at this time is also the clearest so you can freely aim at the targets you have chosen. Take advantage of this golden time to hunt for yourself many quality rewards.


Above are the contents of the dragon king fish shooting game which is very famous in the betting market. The game’s system has reached perfection with a series of advantages that few fish shooting games can do. Therefore, when participating, fully enjoy your leisure time here with many effective hunting tips. At the same time, don’t forget to update more news about other games in the section news Jun88 Please.

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