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Shoot fish to earn coins What is that? With the appearance of a series of reward games on the market, this game still holds the number 1 position. So let’s explore together. Hi88.
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General introduction to the game Shoot fish for coins

Fish shooting game for coins, exchanging real money rewards is still a game chosen by many people. In particular, with the development of information technology, online fish shooting games have brought this game back again.

Shoot fish to get prizes Hi88 is an extremely attractive game here. The player’s job when participating is to deposit money into their account to exchange bullets right at the game portal. Then your mission is to kill as many fish as possible. This is no longer simply a famous game at shopping malls, but it has become an online game loved by many users.

There are many bookmakers that have continuously innovated and upgraded to produce higher quality fish shooting and cash exchange products for players. Playing games has become extremely simple when players can participate in games to redeem rewards anytime they want.

Distinguish online and in person 

Whether you play fish shooting live or online, the rules of this game are similar, with only slight differences in features and rewards. In fact, based on the specific characteristics of these two forms, we can clearly see the great benefits that the coin shooting fish game brings. As follows:

Play fish shooting game to win coins and exchange money online

Shooting fish for rewards online is a more advanced and investment version when it is available at game portals or online bookies. These games are carefully invested by the publisher in terms of interface and appearance, to bring the most realistic feeling to players.

Players will have to deposit money directly when participating via the bank account linked to the game account. Then use the money you have to buy bullets for the process of hunting fish. The more fish a player shoots down, the higher the number of bonus coins the player will have.

Players can completely exchange the in-game bonus coins for cash, specific in-game items or phone scratch cards. Now, playing fish shooting games for coins online has become very popular because it can really help you make money from the game you always love.

Play fish shooting game to win coins and exchange prizes at fish shooting machines

Whether the game is online or in person, it all boils down to money. However, we need to pay close attention to the coin buying price and selling price, often called the coin conversion rate. Besides, the winning rate when playing in different forms is not the same.

In many real fish shooting machines, players are always bound by the minimum coin level and maximum coin level to be able to convert coins back into cash, because the price of coins sold is often lower than the price of coins earned.

Not only that, when wanting to exchange coins from playing live fish shooting, players will often encounter certain difficulties such as arranging an exchange time and having to move to another location to exchange cash with the worker. The task of converting coins into money.

“Tips” to pocket when participating in fish shooting games to exchange coins for rewards

It must be said that the coin shooting fish game is really an extremely attractive and attractive game, it is highly entertaining and suitable for entertainment at any time.

This game is not difficult, but in order to be able to shoot a lot of fish and get a high score in this fish shooting game, you need to grasp some tricks drawn from the playing process of shooters. The fish are already “old” players.

Choose the exact time to shoot to take down large prey

One of the best experiences when participating in online fish shooting games is choosing the right time to aim and shoot. When your ammunition is low, don’t try to run after big fish that are difficult to shoot down.
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Just aim at the small fish, they are individual fish to shoot down. Once you have a decent amount of money, don’t rush to target sea monsters. Just keep moving towards the schools of fish swimming in groups. Once you are sure that you have enough ammo, aim for the biggest and most valuable targets in the ocean.

Learn to focus on a single point when shooting

When playing free coin fish shooting games online, the experience for you is to focus on a single point when shooting. If you aim at big fish but shoot unintentionally, it will definitely only cause you to waste a lot of bullets.

If you are really a tycoon, then start improving everything by choosing for yourself modern weapons. And in order not to waste time, learn carefully in advance what you need to know, so as soon as you need it, your weapon will be ready. Focusing on a single point when shooting can help you take down large targets in just a few shots.

Don’t criticize small fish and don’t shoot them

There are many people who, when participating in the coin shooting fish game, will put all their ammunition into attacking large prey or bosses, because they think that only defeating those large prey will help them get the prize. get as much money as possible.

But this can be considered unwise, because just aiming for big fish and loading bullets will only waste your ammunition. When you don’t have much capital, choose to shoot down small targets to practice and get used to shooting. When you successfully shoot many small fish, the number of coins you have will be greater. At this point, it is not too late for you to focus on big fish.

Choosing the right ammunition is an extremely important factor

When participating in shooting fish for coins, an extremely important step is choosing bullets. Because in the game there are always many different types of ammunition for you to choose from and each type will have corresponding powers to help you destroy your prey.

Choosing bullets that are not suitable for your shooting style and prey will easily cause you to waste your coins. Determine whether your targets are large or small prey, whether they are easy to shoot down, etc. to make the most accurate and precise decisions.

Details on how to download fish shooting game for free coins and rewards

Currently, you can not only play fish shooting games for prizes on the bookies’ official websites, you can download fish shooting game apps to your device for more convenience in the entertainment process. In the following section, Hi88 will give detailed instructions on how to download the fish shooting coin game app to your computer and phone so you can easily experience it.

Instructions for downloading the fish shooting game app to exchange coins for rewards on your computer

How to download the fish shooting game for rewards to your computer is relatively simple, you only need to follow the 3 steps as we instruct below to complete downloading the online fish shooting game for rewards to your computer:

  • Step 1: First, click the “Windows” button, then go to the store and access the correct store where you want to download the fish shooting game app.
  • Step 2: Next, type the word “Fishing” so that Windows will offer you different game titles. Choose a game for yourself and press the Enter key.
  • Step 3: Click on the game tab to filter out the most relevant search results, then click “Free” to download the game for free. The process will be completed when you receive a notification on the screen.

Instructions for downloading the free fish shooting game app to win coins on your phone

The way to download the fish shooting game app to your phone is also very simple, but there are some differences between downloading the app on phones running Android and IOS operating systems, but not significant. Specifically:

For IOS operating system:

  • Step 1: Access “App Store” on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: In the Search section -> Enter the keyword “Fishing”, select the coin shooting fish game app you want to download -> Click “GET” to start the download process. When the download process is complete, the fish shooting game app installed on your device will appear on your phone screen.

For Android operating system:

  • Step 1: Access the CH Play application on your phone running the Android operating system.
  • Step 2: Enter the keyword you want to search > Select the game app with high downloads that you want to download -> Click “Install” to start the download process. When the download process is complete, the fish shooting game app installed on your device will appear on your phone screen.


Hopefully the above article by Hi88 has brought you the necessary information about the game Shoot fish to earn coins, and also has experiences that help players win more easily in this game. What are you waiting for? Download the prize fish shooting game to your computer to shoot fish and receive gifts right away.

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